Westerly Wall Easels

A couple of years ago, Alan, the owner of Ashcraft Framing, set out to develop the best wall easel he possibly could. Choosing precision aluminium over traditional wood and using engineering rather than wood working techniques, after many prototypes and dead ends the Westerly Wall Easel was born.

Customisable to any size both in length and height, the Westerly Wall Easel heralds step change in the approach to easel design and construction.

For artists who demand the best brushes, the best paints the best supports; now, the best easel.

You can secure your Westerly Wall Easel for a £50 deposit. Easels are hand built to order and the waiting time is currently 4-6 weeks

More information will be published here and on our Instagram feed

*  The deposit is refundable up until the order is confirmed. We will email you with the opportunity to confirm or cancel 30 days before delivery is due.
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