Westerly Tripod Easel

"...Very impressed with this tripod easel well made great quality, love it 😍..."

From 'Clive', a customer from my Etsy store

Made from solid oak and with uniquely designed, carbon reinforced board/canvas grippers the Westerly Plein Air Tripod easel* is a pleasure to use in terms of simplicity and design.

The easel has a standard 1/4 inch threaded adaptor already fitted so will fit any tripod on the market and the offset adaptor placing allows for maximum adjustability and stability.

The standard size easel takes 16 inch painting surfaces and with the specially designed rotating clamps and grippers allows a painting surface to be used without the edges being obscured. Great for knife work.

Generous sizes 30mm diameter knobs allow cold hands to secure and reposition your painting surface easily and securely. 

As with all my easels, a full range of spares and replacement parts is available.

Weight ~ 425g
Material: Oak, CPLA, ABS, brass, steel.

*Tripod not included.

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