Westerly Handmade Easels

The Westerly Wall Easel is a wall mounted easel system which is scalable as your art practice grows. Available in a number of different sizes and configurations the Westerly Wall Easel is suitable for extra large canvases and panels down to the smallest canvas or board.

Do you want to mount multiple canvases at once? No problem, just add as many pairs of canvas clamps as you need. 

If you need a small wall easel then order just a single column and a pair of canvas clamps. You can add more later and they are guaranteed to fit and work together seamlessly.

If your need something larger then this isn't a problem either, in fact this is where the Westerly Wall Easel really comes into its own. The standard oak easel can be made to accommodate canvases up to 2.4 meters (94 inches) in height and any size in width.  If you need bigger then we have an aluminium solution which can be constructed to just about any height. 

The wall rails enable canvases to be moved easily from side to side thus maximising the use of wall space. For instance, the canvas could cover a doorway or window when in use and be slid sideways for access.

Get in touch if you need a custom solution. and watch this space for a new all aluminium wall and floor standing versions coming soon...

For artists who demand the best brushes, the best paints the best supports; now, the best easel.