Shallow Tray Frame for panels or boards

Product code: STRAYFRM
A tray frame for art on canvas or board.

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A shallow tray frame for art on board and panel. The frame has a standard gap of 50mm around the panel and the inside edge of the outer frame. This gives the art 'room to breathe' allowing you to display your works to their best advantage.

For painting boards or other surfaces such as MDF the painting surfaces are held in place with a high tack (but removable) foam backed tape (supplied) which holds art securely in place without the need for screws or glue. Of course you can use screws instead but make sure they are short enough not to go right through the support. The backing board is 2.5mm thick so a 6mm screw should be OK for a 6mm panel for instance.

Profile: Tray Frame
Rebate depth: 15mm
Wood: Obeche/Hardboard back

If you need sizes different to those listed above please call. The sizes listed are 'to fit' sizes and allow for a 50mm (2 inch) border.

Please take care when measuring your artwork.

Technical Specifications

Brand Ashcraft Framing