Plain Wood & Painted Frames

Frames ready to take your artwork.

Frames are supplied ready made, with all the necessary fittings, all you need to do is insert your items and hang. Frames are available in plain wood to paint yourself or are available ready painted. Please select the finish you want at the time of ordering. or order a plain wood frame and email us for further options, colours etc. As a general rule, plain wood frame are quicker to make and dispatch than painted frames, particularly if ordered in quantity.

If you require a slip please see the options available under 'Slips' here

All frames are made to order in our workshops in Lincolnshire.

  • Width

  • Rebate Depth

  • Price

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  • 44mm - Pattern A

    44mm - Pattern A

    Wood: Obeche Width: 44mm Rebate Depth: 12mm. Suitable for boards or shallow canvases.
  • 45mm - Pattern B

    45mm - Pattern B

    Wood: Obeche Width: 45mm Rebate Depth: 10mm suitable for boards or shallow canvases.
  • 49mm Contemporary

    49mm Contemporary

    Wood: Obeche Width: 49mm Rebate Depth: 12mm. Suitable for boards or shallow canvases.
  • 51mm Classic Scoop with hollow back

    51mm Classic Scoop with hollow back

    A classic profile, Ideal for paintings on board or shallow canvas. This profile is particularly suited for artworks on board and is ideal for hand painting and finishing.
  • 52mm - Pattern C

    52mm - Pattern C

    Wood: Obeche Width: 52mm Rebate Depth: 14mm. Suitable for boards or shallow canvases.
  • 56mm Wide Classic

    56mm Wide Classic

    Wood: Obeche ​​​​​​​Profile: 56mm Classic Rebate: 10mm
  • 66mm Scoop

    66mm Scoop

    Wood: Obeche Width: 66 Rebate depth: 10mm Plain Wood or painted. DOES NOT INCLUDE SLIP, slips can be added via the Completed Frames> Slips section.