Welcome to our gallery page.  Here we will be posting examples of our customers artworks framed in one of our frames. We provide the frame details, credit to the artist and a link to the artists site or social media pages. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks please contact the artist directly.

If you would like me to add your art work please email a good quality image to frames[@]ashcraftframing.co.uk. if possible please include media type and title of the work.


Tray Frames

Title: 'A Storm Ahead 2'
Artist: Lisa Vaulks. 
Link: www.lisavalks-artist.co.uk
Frame: Tray Frame in pure white.

Classic Frames

Title: 'The Bend in the River'
Artist:  Alan Huntley
Link: www.ashcraftframing.co.uk
Frame: 51mm Scoop with Slip.

Title: 'Lilacs'
Artist:  Alan Huntley
Link: www.ashcraftframing.co.uk
Frame: 68mm Classic