Frame Moulding by Length

For those who already have the ability to mitre and join their own moulding.  Moulding is sold in 1.5m lengths and is square cut. Minimum purchase is 1.5m.

How to calculate the length of moulding you need.

You need to make a frame to fit a 12x16 inch board. (305x407mm)
The moulding width is 66mm

Calculate the perimeter of the board ie the frame size. 
305+305+407+407mm = 1424mm
add a little fitting tolerance  = 1428mm

Calculate wastage ie 8 45 degree cuts.
66mm x 8 = 528mm

Total length of moulding required
1428mm + 528mm = 1956mm 

Purchase 2 x1.5m lengths
You will have some left over for another frame

If you need a help with this please let me know.  I can also send you a free handy excel base calculator.

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