E-Clips - Wet Panel Separators

Solve the perennial problem of how to transport wet boards/panels during and after a outdoor painting sessions.

E-Clips press on to the edge of the wet panel's and separate them with a short internal spacer. The outsides of the clips are designed to securely hold the boards but to be easily removable when back in the studio.

E-Clips can also be used in the studio to safely store boards or canvases when drying.

Sold in packs of four.   

E-Clips are made from PLA, a bio-plastic which is made from plants not oil!

Lilac E-Clips = For 2.5mm MDF boards
Blue E-Clips = For 3mm thick panels/boards
Yellow E-Clips = For 4mm thick panels/boards
Green E-Clips = For 5mm panels
Red E-Clips = For 6mm thick panels/boards
Black E-Clips = For 20mm thick canvases

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