Baltic Birch Plywood Cradled Painting Panels

These panels are made of 3.6mm smooth sanded Baltic birch with an obeche cradle. Larger sizes are cross braced.

These panels are provided smooth sanded. If you require a gesso finish we recommend acrylic gesso for oil or acrylic painting. 250ml pots are available here.

RSG Gesso
Traditional RSG Gesso is available to order. Please ask.

Baltic Birch Plywood Cradled Painting Panels

Product code: BPP
Renowned as a superior painting surface Baltic birch is a stable archival painting surface.

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These painting panels have a 4mm plywood surface on a rigid obeche cradle. The sides are smooth sanded.

Beautiful un-sized sanded wooden surfaces. If using oils or acrylics the panels should be sized or gessoed depending on your medium. Strong and lightweight they are ideally suited for heavy impasto, pouring acrylics, 3D works or anything where you need a strong support. 

Available in 19mm and 38mm depths, they are perfect match for our range of inlay frames.

These panels are handmade in our workshop and sanded to a smooth, fine finish.

Larger sizes, starting at 100cm (either dimension), are cross braced for rigidity.

Bespoke sizes up to 1200x2400cm in either dimension can be ordered, please call if the size you need is not listed.

Technical Specifications

Code BPP