66mm Flat - 1.5m Lengths

How to calculate the length of moulding you need.

Example: You need to make a frame to fit a 12x16 inch board. (305x407mm)
The moulding width is 66mm
Calculate the perimeter of the board ie the frame size. 
305+305+407+407mm = 1424mm
add a little fitting tolerance  = 1428mm
Calculate wastage ie 8 45 degree cuts.
66mm x 8 = 528mm
Total length of moulding required
1428mm + 528mm = 1956mm 
Purchase 2 x1.5m lengths
You will have some left over for another frame

66mm Flat - 1.5m Lengths

Product code: L944
Width: 66mm Rebate Depth: 13mm Wood: Obeche

Sold in 1.5 meter lengths. Square cut.
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Width: 66mm
Rebate Depth: 13mm
Wood: Obeche

Takes a painted finish well. Can also be waxed.

Technical Specifications

Code L944